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This is it. I’ve made my decision to go for the hunt of the red october, again. I did my first PhD about 3D Printing Ecosystem and had my dissertation July 2017. A few years have passed and I’m ready to go for another round. This time the topic is Developer eXperience and approach is economics.


Why this “Netflix of the Developer eXperence” exists. I got fed up with presentations in various conferences in which people present what is a good developer experience for example regarding APIs. I rarely saw any explanations how the good results were achieved. More rarely I found any reasoning why the good result was achieved. Since I’m a scholar by nature, I knew that some scientific methods and principle are applied. Yet none of those are ever explained. In the episodes I will take some academic sounding items under discussions and show how that is applied to build awesome developer experience. Well, that is the aim which I might not always achieve.

Below is my path to the moment I started the video blog.

Something was missing

I should have seen this coming already in July this year. One day then I felt the urge to start something bigger around developer experience. I’ve been working with the topic for some years now and I felt like something was missing. So I started #100DaysDX series. Around post #60 I started to have an itch again. I felt like yes this is sort of the right thing to do, but still I’m missing something.

After the summer I had some discussions with my boss Toni Luhti (CEO) about making another PhD. He’s about to have the dissertation for the 1st one any day now. We had agreed that we would actually go for the 2nd round but details we’re lacking and real actions too.

The moment of truth

Then I attended a one day seminar about platform economy in Helsinki and I bumped into my previous PhD sponsor Tommi Mikkonen. Suddenly a few days after I noticed that I’m sitting in a meeting room with the mentioned professor and we have agreed to write a position about web APIs and design-first approach to selected conference. What the hell just happened? That was the moment when I finally realised that I’m already on the second hunt for the red october, my second PhD.

Video-driven communication

Plan is to write in this site about the findings and other related, but also focus more on doing video clips about the findings. Thus the Netflix alike UX/UI. It sort of felt like a perfect fit. This might even be considered as a different approach to academic communication which has relied on academic articles only for centuries. Of course I write the dull papers too, but in addition to that I intend to explain the papers and research in videos. Ultimate goal is to have the dissertation online for all the world to see and participate.

Why DXDoctor?

The domain name comes from half-joke idea of a degree title “Doctor of Developer eXperience”. That’s what I would like to be, but I guess I have to aim officially for Doctor of Economics since the thesis will be economics oriented.

My current biggest problem is that I haven’t still found a way to tell my wife that the same PhD process is going to happen again…

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